Forensic Accounting

Our firm helps resolve allegations of fraud.

Enderle & Romans provides forensic accounting services to businesses, law firms, financial institutions and other organizations. Our experience in evaluating and presenting complex accounting and financial information is communicated with reporting that is both clear and concise. Our firm helps resolve allegations of fraud from inception to disposition or assist in fraud detection and prevention. Our team includes CPAs that are Certified in Financial Forensics and Certified Fraud Examiners. We have the experience to analyze issues such as financial reporting fraud, economic damages, forensic accounting, fraud investigations and lost profits calculations. We provide expert testimony in legal situations, serve as expert consultants in litigation, and work with other professionals and business owners to assist in understanding complex financial or economic information.

Meet Our Forensic Accountants

Mark Enderle Forensic Accountant Lexington Kentucky

Mark G. Enderle, CPA/CFF


Scott Romans Enderle and Romans PLLC Lexington KY

Scott L. Romans, CPA/ABV/CFF


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