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Business Valuation

Enderle & Romans’ provides high quality business valuation services, at fees that are realistic for our clients.

The value of their business is of utmost importance to business owners, yet it is difficult to determine this value based on typical accounting reports. Valuation is a field that combines specialized knowledge with experience and professional judgment to arrive at a reasonable result.

Our experience with closely held companies allows us to provide a personal touch, whether we are performing the analysis for succession planning, banking (e.g., SBA loans), or in the litigation setting. We can perform business valuations on a confidential basis for business owners.

Our valuation team holds integrity, objectivity, and commitment to quality service as top priorities. We combine sophisticated understanding of accounting, taxation, financial statement analysis and business operations with demonstrated competence to produce well-reasoned and objective reports.

Our Valuation Team

Scott L. Romans, CPA/ABV

Mark G. Enderle, CPA

Mark G. Enderle, CPA/CFF