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Our team members are skilled and experienced professionals who strive to provide you with comprehensive solutions based on a holistic approach to your personal and business finances. With strong leadership and abundant experience, we confidently coach and advise you on how to improve and grow in your particular markets. You benefit from a full-service accounting firm and integrated services that help you succeed.

Armed with insight, our team works as your strategic adviser to create a specific plan of action to fit your unique needs. We understand more than just the basics of business from a technical standpoint; we take it a step further and look beyond the obvious to help you discover what is not evident.

We understand that your business is unique and deserves its own strategic, deliberate and practical solutions.  We take nothing for granted as we ask you the hard questions to get you thinking about your business in ways you, most likely, have never thought about before. We help you clarify your goals and then work with you to develop a practical, manageable, and smart plan to get you there.

Enderle and Romans Certified Public Accountants Lexington KY Kentucky Tax


Keep more of the money you earn by taking advantage of all the tax-savings opportunities available to you and your business. Whether it’s reducing your individual tax burden or applying for tax credits and incentives for your company, experienced strategic and technical guidance can save you money. Successful tax planning requires the help of an experienced tax professional with the technical skills, knowledge, and strategic thinking to help you address challenges and take advantage of timely opportunities. Whether your needs are industry-specific or involve matters of personal income tax, Enderle & Romans can provide you with personalized service wherever you reside or do business.

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Enderle & Romans PLLC Certified Public Accountants CPA Lexington KY Kentucky Audit


Solve complex business challenges with insight made possible by quality financial and nonfinancial data. Validating the accuracy of the information you use to make your most critical financial decisions empowers you to be more confident in the direction you take your company in the future. Assurance services are more than just an examination of your books—they’re an opportunity to take a global view of your organization, evaluating your company’s overall financial and operational performance to help you solve complex business challenges.

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Enderle & Romans is a full-service accounting firm, offering businesses a wide range of accounting services. Our services are tailored to your business’ needs to assist you in maintaining high levels of efficiency.

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Enderle & Romans has a strong staff with a variety of experiencing working with many industries. Our clients include businesses in manufacturing, construction, transportation, healthcare, professional services, real estate, and oil & gas.